Syria Beyond Facebook

Delta Vie

Normally, I write long pieces to make a point. But sometimes, images say far more than anything I could ever write. The civil war in Syria is continuing to rage on. My Facebook feed is full of images of frightened children and their equally frightened parents. In some cases, we don’t know where the parents are or if they are even alive anymore. The following images are from Eastern Ghouta where over 250 civilians were killed in less than 48 hours.

heavy-fighting-resumes-in-syrias-eastern-ghouta Image Courtesy: Business Insider Image Courtesy: Image Courtesy: Voice Of People Today Image Courtesy: Crisis Aid Image Courtesy: Digital Journal Image Courtesy: Times Of Saudia Image Courtesy: Britain Post

If these images have hurt you, caused something inside you to cry, then your way forward is clear. Stop sharing Facebook statuses, thoughts and prayers, and other things that make you feel good but don’t actually do anything.


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| The one with the Sketches |

Some of my favorite pencil sketches from over two years ago, still feels like yesterday!


So my summer vacations are finally on and I’ve taken a break from a lot of things and moved back home so that I can finally concentrate on things that I’ve always loved doing. Sketching happens to be one of them. Also we don’t have a WiFi connection at my place and the dongle that I’m left with isn’t really the kind of thing you’d associate with high-speed Internet, a.k.a it’s effing slow! I can hardly Google things but that’s obviously the last thing I’d like to bother myself with. 😛 There is a sense of happiness and a lot of peace in not being able to have a perfectly fine Internet connection. Where I currently live is far-far away from the city. So there’s no traffic, hardly any people, or any noise. So I am mostly hibernating and then the time I’m left with is usually spent in sketching…

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Kolor Me Kitsch

Since I discovered Photoshop (that was back in July 2015), I've been trying my hand at different styles of sketching and illustrating using the available set of tools in the software. But all throughout remains my love for colors, and almost all the brights colors in the entire spectrum. Kolor me Kitsh came out as …

The Indelible Muck

When I'd started off Effeminare back in 2014, (amidst all the resistance that there was) I believed that if I could reach out to even one individual, then that would be enough. While walking through the stats for my November post, I realized my posts have reached 38 countries ranging from Canada, USA, Netherlands, Germany, Guernsey, Belgium, …