The Effeminare Man

Meet the 'Effeminare Man'. He loves his wings and is ready to take his leap of faith. Join him on this exciting journey. Do you love his wings too? Loads of stuff coming your way. Stay Tuned. Peace in.

The Effeminare Woman

So here I am finally ready to make you guys meet 'The Effeminare Woman'. She's fun, she's eclectic, she's smart and she's one of you. Join me on this journey I'm taking with her throughout Delhi. There's a lot of fun stuff coming your way. Stay Tuned. Much Love Anwesh

I’ve got a Logo!

Boys and Girls! So here I am finally up with the official logo for "The Effeminare- where art meets acceptance". I'll be posting a lot of interesting stuff. Very excited! So stay tuned and go hit that follow button, because you don't wanna miss out on all the action. Peace in.